ISO27001 Training

Our consulting practice has qualifications to deliver ISO27001 Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer trainings. This in itself is not enough for an in-house certification training, but organising one with a certification body can be organized which could provide for a officially qualified ISO27001 certification.

Security Awareness Training

A custom made security awareness training can be made based on the needs of the organisation. The content can vary from very simple material designed for end-users (less technical) up to making it very technical for IT professionals. It can even be custom tailored for higher level management (including C level). In terms of length it can vary from 15 mins to several hour long sessions.

Some organisations are lagging behind from taking action on GDPR requirements, however management feels that the competencies are available in-house, employees just need to get the right training and instructions on what to do. That the consulting practice can also help with, given the certified GDPR practitioners the consulting practice can support you operations with.